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Have you been wondering what the Now Novel process is like to work with? We’ve received many Now Novel reviews detailing what writers have found most useful about the process:

Have you been wondering what the Now Novel process is like to work with? We’ve received many Now Novel reviews detailing what writers have found most useful about the process:


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“It’s a much more hands-on approach that I really liked. When you start, you go through many, many steps in which you build up your idea, your characters, your setting, theme and much more. You do all of this in a very manageable steps-based approach that doesn’t feel like it’s such a big deal. I submitted a section from the beginning of my story for critique, and the comments I received in return were both insightful and encouraging. It helped me make it better and exposed me to some questions that real readers might ask.”

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Abbi Perets (

“Working with a mentor has made all the difference for me in drafting my novel. Being held accountable is a huge motivator. Having someone knowledgeable to talk with about plot and character issues is — and I don’t want to sound like I’m exaggerating here, because I’m not — life-changing. Working with a mentor is perhaps the greatest investment you can make in yourself as a writer.”

Allison Read

“The mentorship opportunity at is exactly what I needed to stop talking about writing my book and start writing it. With four kids and a full-time job, it was easy to find excuses not to focus. But having Bridget to talk to and help me sift through ideas got me ready to write! I have almost 10,000 words now and plan to have a rough draft finished in the next two months. I would never have made it to this point without her and the mentorship program.”

Stacie D. Wyatt

“Now Novel helps you write a novel, by providing the steps and tools needed to succeed. I like the navigation and functionality of the site. Now Novel is easy to use. I also love the mood creator.”

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Niecyisms and Nestlings

“Now Novel is a guided, step-by-step program that will give registered users the guidance and structure needed to keep on-task toward the completion of your book.   With a literary program available online and at a fraction of the cost of other writing courses scheduled at an instructor’s convenience, creating with Now Novel is certainly to the author’s advantage.”

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Ramblings of a Coffee Addicted Writer

“Writing a short story or novel can be a stressful task and using Now Novel is a great way to communicate with other writers and get a mentor to help you tell your story. The program is an interesting way for someone to figure out exactly what they want their novel to be about and how to succeed in writing the novel. Overall, I have enjoyed Now Novel and I recommend it other writers.”

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Cammo Style Love

“Now Novel is perfect for someone who wants a little something else in their writing experience. It’s like a full-fledged support group, on top of being a place to write.  It keeps track of your word-count and overall progress right there on the side panel.  There’s a blog, forum and even a place to get some of your worked critiqued, and no one would have to know who the heck you were.  That is pretty cool.  Some other cool things about Now Novel is that it really helps almost anyone to write a book. All in all its a super neat and very unique program.”

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Concert Katie

“The site really helps you map out your novel and should, hopefully, help me actually finish a novel. I do like how everything is organized out in little check lists – which is how I tend to do things myself. Maybe with the site I will actually follow through?  Let’s hope so! I want to finish a book!”

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The Fifth Dimension

“The interface is very user friendly, and walks you through the whole process, holding your hand tight. That’s a strength of the program, as are the different sections that cover different elements of the story. This is great for inexperienced writers, who may not be familiar with these, and is a nice reminder for even those with experience.”

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Another Now Novel review from Lize Smith’s blog Flutterlings: ‘Groups provide a space for conversation, support and critique, all essential in keeping you writing. The Now Novel website is a great resource for aspiring authors.’ Read Lize’s review here.

Member Eve, who chose to have a Now Novel writing coach, had this to say:

‘NowNovel, my coach and Bridget McNulty’s book How to Write a Book (even if you never have) combined are my writing fairy godmother.  I am no longer a pumpkin waiting for her novel to appear. I now have the tools, the inspiration and most importantly the discipline to move from being a want-to-be to being a writer.’

Zoey Eve

Egypt-born author Mahi Wasfy completed her novel with the help of a Now Novel writing coach. Read about Mahi’s experience in our author interview with Mahi here.

User Timothy Sellers had the following to say:

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