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Writing a cozy mystery: 10 feel-good suspense tips

What is a cozy mystery? How does this mystery subgenre differ from other mystery types? What can you learn from Agatha Christie and more recent mystery bestsellers? Find out.

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How to write an adventure story: Creating amazing journeys

Adventure stories were many readers’ first introduction to the joy of reading. What is an adventure story? How do you write an imaginative, engrossing journey? Learn about key adventure story elements, plus tips to write incredible journeys:

Fantasy writing Writing Genres

How to start a fantasy story: 6 intriguing ways

Learn how to start a fantasy story and create intrigue. Read examples from great fantasy novelists, plus the insights they share:

Life writing Writing Genres

How to write a biography: 7 life-writing ideas

Biography – literally ‘life writing’ – poses a variety of challenges. Balancing historical narration and day-to-day incident, for example. Or choosing what to include and what to leave out. Read 7 ideas on how to write a biography, with examples from biographical writing:

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Writing graphic novels: 5 ways to enliven stories

Graphic novels offer engaging ways to marry text-based narrative and visual storytelling. Read 5 ways you can use elements such as illustrative style and strong symbols to enliven your story:

Romance Writing Writing Genres

How to write love stories: 7 romance novelists’ wisdom

Successful romance novelists offer many insights into how to write love stories that hook readers. Read 7 quotes that give insights into telling great love stories:

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Writing cozy mysteries: 7 clues for coziness

The cozy mystery takes a gentler, character-focused approach to crime. Read 7 tips for writing cozy mysteries:

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How do you write a dystopian story? 5 tips

Dystopian stories about characters or societies grappling with ‘bad places’ like post-apocalyptic wastelands remain popular for several reasons. For one, their situations naturally supply intense conflict, drama and suspense. How do you write a dystopian story? Start with these 5 tips:

Scene writing Story Structure Writing Genres

Writing romantic scenes and fight scenes: 6 parallels

Writing romantic scenes between lovers and writing fight scenes (between lovers or heroes and villains) might sound miles apart. Yet both share common important elements: 

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