Story Structure Writing chapters

How to write the first chapter of a book: 7 ideas

Learn how to write the first chapter of a book in such a way that you tease but don’t give everything away and hook readers with implication and context.

Writing chapters

How to write chapters: Create a compelling Chapter 3

We’ve written about how to structure a chapter generally, writing good opening paragraphs and pages, and developing Chapter One’s intrigue in your second chapter. Writing a good third chapter is equally important. Your early chapters hook readers and build interest you can sustain. Read ideas and tips to write the best third chapter you can, along with examples from books that show effective story development:

Story Development Writing chapters

Writing Chapter 2: Developing your opening hook

The opening chapter of a book needs to hook your reader. How? By creating intrigue, suspense, lovable (or at least compelling) characters and interesting setting or action. Writing chapter one is a challenge, yet for many authors writing chapter two is the stumbling block – how can you develop further?

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