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10 common grammar mistakes - humour e-card

10 common grammar mistakes even great writers make

There are far more than 10 common grammar mistakes that even the greats make. Mistakes in the drafting stage aren’t catastrophic. After all, you’ll edit your novel at a later point in time. A clean manuscript appeals to agents and editors, though, so read on for 10 common grammar mistakes you can learn to identify and avoid. Even […]

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Help with writing - why criticism is important

Help with writing: Get constructive feedback to improve

If there’s one thing every writer needs it’s another pair of eyes for help with writing. It can be a beta reader or an editor or a fellow member of a writing group. In fact, that was the one question we kept getting over and over from the Now Novel community – how can I get […]

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Tips from the Masters: Charles Dickens

Emulating Charles Dickens’s writing style has been attempted by many, and only partially achieved by few.  It is mostly known to be old-fashioned, outrageously imaginative, wordy and sentimental. His popularity is probably most attributed to the fact that he wrote in installments, keeping his followers in unbearable suspense in between publications.  His writing style and […]

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