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Submitting your novel - manuscript submission tips | Now Novel

Submitting your novel: Key elements of success

Today we have a guest post by Samar Hammam, literary agent and founder of Rocking Chair Books. Submitting your novel to an agent or publisher is a multi-stage process. It helps to know the fundamentals of what makes a strong submission. At book fairs, aspiring authors often ask, ‘How can I get ‘discovered’? What can I […]

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How to write a book synopsis better: 9 tips

Writing a book synopsis involves creating a summary that gives the reader a sweeping overview of the central plot events and the specific appeal of a story. The word ‘synopsis’ comes from the Greek prefix ‘sun-‘ (meaning ‘together’) and ‘-opsis‘ (‘seeing’). So a synopsis is literally a way to  ‘see together’ all the strands of […]

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