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How the future will affect your fantasy story characters - blog cover

How the future will impact your fantasy story characters

Science fiction writers are praised for imagining the future with great foresight. Understanding the long-term cause and effect of events in your fantasy world will help you also give readers a more complex and vivid mental picture. Your novel will be grounded in a vivid, complex history. This breadth of vision has implications for your […]

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How to write suspense like The Hunger Games

Though written as a YA novel, The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins was a big hit with readers of all ages. One key to its success was its use of suspense, and we can examine it to learn how to write suspense ourselves. First, create an engaging protagonist. The reader needs to care what happens […]

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Creating loveable flaws in your characters

One of the things you hear over and over is that your characters need to be likeable, and your readers should be able to identify with them. In order to create characters who are both realistic and likeable, they need to be flawed. Characters who lack flaws are not likeable. Think about it: We’ve all […]

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