Modern-day Novel Writing

Modern-day Novel Writing

While many of us still love the idea of a cabin in the woods, next to a lake, with nothing but a notebook and fountain pen to dip into while inspiration flows, the reality is that writing a book in the modern age is much more about computers, fitting writing into real life, and knowing the ins and outs of e-publishing.

Here are some of our favourite pieces of advice about modern-day novel writing:

  1. How to get feedback on your writing
  2. What constructive criticism is – and how to use it
  3. Turning notes into a novel
  4. Breaking a novel up into manageable tasks
  5. The value of beta readers
  6. How to build an audience of early readers
  7. How to write a novel proposal / book pitch
  8. How to create a novel elevator pitch
  9. What exactly is an e-book?
  10. Is there money in e-books?

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