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Now Novel Motivation Course cover
  • Overcoming self-doubt
  • Effective time management
  • Consistent writing habits
  • Productive revision techniques
  • Writers who need strategies to stay motivated and consistent.
  • Writers seeking techniques to overcome delays and build productive habits.
  • Writers looking for actionable advice, exercises, and examples to boost productivity.


NowNovel is a lovely community that fosters literary growth and offers motivation and support. They are an integral part of my writing journey.

— Margriet

To be honest, I was a little stuck before, but afterward, I was encouraged and motivated.

— Martha

That has been very helpful and extremely motivating!!

— Vicki
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Now Novel icon - lightbulb for learning about plot
Silence self-doubt

Learn to combat negative thoughts and celebrate small successes.

Now Novel icon - roadmap for success
End procrastination

Implement seven simple steps to stay organized and focused.

Now Novel icon - checklist for arcs and developments
Maintain motivation

Discover 11 techniques to write even when you don’t feel like it.

Now Novel icon - like for beginnings, hooks and endings
Boost productivity

Utilize 10 hacks to prioritize writing time and increase output.

Now Novel icon - like for beginnings, hooks and endings
Stay motivated

Practical advice for revising and perfecting your manuscript.

Now Novel Motivation Course details

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How to Start, Persevere, and Finish Writing your Novel

Week 01

This week you’ll learn how to combat negative thoughts and build confidence in your writing abilities.

  • Read an overview of self-doubt and its impact on writing
  • Understand key strategies to silence the inner critic
  • Complete practical exercises to build confidence and celebrate small successes
  • Meditation: Start fresh with the Clear Your Mind Meditation to release stress and enhance your focus
Week 02

This week you’ll discover practical steps to eliminate distractions and develop productive writing habits.

  • Read an overview of procrastination and its impact on productivity
  • Understand key strategies to eliminate distractions and set productive goals
  • Complete practical exercises to set positive goals and improve time management
  • Meditation: Reconnect with your inner source of creativity and inspiration with the Rediscover Your Muse Meditation
Week 03

This week you’ll explore strategies to keep your writing habits consistent and your motivation high.

  • Read an overview of the importance of regular writing habits
  • Understand key strategies to stay motivated and find your best writing conditions
  • Complete practical exercises to rediscover your writing passion
  • Meditation: Achieve deep focus with the Flow State Meditation
Week 04

This week you’ll learn how to prioritize your writing time and use structured planning to increase your output.

  • Read an overview of prioritizing writing time and the benefits of structured planning
  • Understand key strategies for maximizing productivity
  • Complete practical exercises to plan your writing sessions and track your progress
  • Meditation: Supercharge your creativity with the Energy Booster Meditation
Week 05

This week you’ll discover techniques to maintain your motivation through the revision process.

  • Read an overview of the importance of motivation during the revision process
  • Understand key strategies navigate the revision process effectively
  • Use the checklist to polish your manuscript
  • Mediation: Visualize your success with the Vision of Success Meditation

Silence your inner critic, overcome procrastination, and build rock-solid writing discipline

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