Meet new people, get feedback and improve your writing

You gain many things when you belong to a writing group and develop writing relationships. Confidence in sharing your writing, helpful feedback that guides improvement and mutual encouragement and support. Being around other motivated people when you are having trouble writing helps you stay focused so that you can finish writing your novel.

Love epic fantasy adventure? There's a group for that. Chilling mystery and suspense? There's a group for that too. If there isn't a group already, simply create your own and invite others to join - it's easy.

Join the conversation in Now Novel groups, get and give feedback and you will:

  1. Improve your writing
  2. Gain confidence to show it to others
  3. Develop writing relationships
  4. Get extra motivation to write
  5. Meet other writers of all experience levels

Here's what member Trixie had to say about Now Novel in the 'I Love Writing' group:

The feedback I have received has been so valuable to me. I've found since joining Now Novel my writing has not only improved, so has my confidence. I'm enjoying writing even more than I did before, and there is no way that I thought this was possible.