Writing Science Fiction Plots – Our PATTERN System Infographic

Writing Science Fiction Plots – Our PATTERN System Infographic

Earlier in the week we shared our PATTERN system. It’s an approach to writing science fiction plots that will help you to gather all the loose strands of your sci-fi novel idea and get writing. Now you can view, save or share a conveniently condensed infographic version (read the full post for extra sci-fi writing tips). You can also download a free eBook of the guide for reference purposes below.

Writing a science fiction plot - Now Novel PATTERN system

Did you enjoy this infographic? There are more great SF tips and factoids in infographic form around the internet. Here are two of our favourites:

  1. Science writer Joe Hanson shared an infographic on his science blog, ‘It’s Okay to be Smart’, on sci-fi writers whose technological and outer space imaginings came true. Did you know that Jules Verne predicted electric submarines nearly a hundred years before their invention? Or that H.G. Wells placed automatic sliding doors in his fiction 60 years before their actual invention? See the full-sized infographic here for more interesting sci-fi ideas that came true.
  2. Flavorwire has a visual guide to the best-selling science fiction books of all time (originall published on Book Patrol). If you want to reach a wide audience, market research is essential. Context is equally important – understanding what is considered the best of the genre and reading to see what the masters get right will benefit your own writing. See the full list of SF bestsellers here.

Share your favourite sci-fi writing tips and facts in the comments below!

2 Replies to “Writing Science Fiction Plots – Our PATTERN System Infographic”

  1. An important thing to keep in mind though when writing science fiction
    is that you need to keep your language as simple as possible, even if
    the idea you are trying to depict is complex. Remember, people read
    science fiction because they want to have fun and be amused. Now, having
    to decipher a new alien language or special jargon just to understand
    your story may not be fun at all.

    You can read more here :The Pros of Writing Science Fiction

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