The power of a writing mentor: 5 benefits

The power of a writing mentor: 5 benefits

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Mentors are invaluable in every walk of life. Yet there’s nowhere they are more useful than in novel-writing. Learn why you should consider working with a writing mentor on your next story:

1. Working with a writing coach makes writing social and supportive

Writing is often an isolated and isolating process. A writing coach is particularly helpful in making this a more collaborative, supportive process.

Writing mentors assist with every aspect of story composition, from finding the right idea, to craft and technique. When you work with an author/editor, you also gain the benefit of insider insight and practical skills.

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2. A writing mentor helps you stay motivated

Working with coach is a good way to stay motivated and stick to your writing goals. Because regular check-ins with your coach help you ensure you stick to your deadline!

As this article on ways to motivate yourself from Psychology Today says, embracing positive thinking is key to feeling motivated to pursue your goals.

A writing coach who is encouraging and supportive (rather than negative in how they word and communicate critique) will help you to foster and build this positive, ‘I can do this’ feeling about your writing.

3. Good writing coaches help you get through blocks

Writer’s block is a tough feeling to have. While some dismiss the idea, saying things along the lines of ‘writer’s write, blocks are an excuse’, even famous authors have described experiencing writer’s block.

When you work with a coach, they can help you get to the bottom of why you are struggling to make progress and help you set small goals and tasks that get you back into the flow of writing.

If you’re struggling with writer’s block, see this article on ways to overcome it.

4. Mentors help you reach your full creative potential

When you’re working with a writing mentor who gives feedback on whole chapters (such as in our Kickstart your Novel course), you learn a lot about craft as you go.

Writing coaches who have read widely and given feedback on stories in varied genres know the essential building blocks. A good writing coach brings this insight to your work, focusing on helping you make your story the best version of itself possible.

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5. Good writing coaches bring helpful qualities to your work

Good writing coaches have several qualities that are useful for making writing progress. A good coach is:

  • A good listener. It’s important for the mentors to stay focused on the goals of those they’re mentoring and not impose their own vision to the detriment of the work
  • Knowledgeable and experienced. They have experience studying writing and literature at tertiary level and/or enough publishing experience (be it in traditional publishing or successful self-publishing) to be able to offer reasoned advice
  • Familiar with your genre. It’s best for fit if your coach actively coaches, reads and/or has published in your genre. Even so, stories have similar elements – narrative, dialogue, characterization, to name a few – thus the crucial element is that your coach knows these elements of story (and solutions when they do or don’t work) inside out

Do you need help developing your story into the best possible version of itself? Get started with your own writing coach today.

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