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How to end a story -Typewriter

How to end a story: Write satisfying closing chapters

If you have ever found a book spoiled by its ending, you know it’s important to learn how to end a story well. Here are 8 pointers on how to end a novel. When you’ve written a draft ending, submit it for writing critique. 1. Decide the type of story ending you want Ending your novel requires many […]

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How to write a novel - beginnings middles and ends

How to write a novel: Story beginnings, middles and ends

Learning how to write a novel involves mastering many skills – description, narration, crafting believable characters and more. Understanding how to writing engaging story beginnings, middles and endings is also key. Here are key tips on writing each of these three important parts of a book: 1: How to write engaging novel beginnings The beginning of […]

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