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How To: Make a promise to write (and keep it)

It’s a mystery why we so often resist doing the very things that we most want to be doing whether it’s exercise, writing or some other project we long to tackle. Once we get started, we usually are glad we did and have little trouble continuing, but how can we make sure we write consistently […]

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How to finish your novel this year: 10 tips

  Here’s how to finish your novel this year: don’t let the months slip by, get proactive so that this is the year it happens. Whether you’re writing a first novel or your fourth, follow these ten tips to reach your writing goals: How to finish your novel this year: Get organised and ensure productive […]

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Anne Lamott

Writing memoir: Three things to learn from Anne Lamott

Anne Lamott wrote one of the most beloved writing book of all times, Bird by Bird, but she has also had great success as a writer of memoirs.  Writing memoir often means writing about family and other real people. Lamott’s honesty and self-deprecating humour are instructive to any writer interested in tackling the memoir form. […]

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Turning notes into a novel - make use of your jottings

Turning notes into a novel

Most writers don’t sit down on day one of novel-writing and begin spinning a tale; generally, they’ve been outlining and making notes for a while. Turning notes into a novel, a publishable manuscript, can seem daunting. Despite this, the tips below will help you develop your notes into a book. How much work you’ll need […]

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