Good character flaws for villains | Now Novel

Good character flaws: Create complex antagonists

Good character flaws are key to a believable character. Flawed characters create suspense – we wonder whether their flaws will get the best of them. The imbalances in their natures may create weaknesses that give others the upper hand. Here are tips to create flaws for antagonists or villains (i.e. characters who stand between your […]

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Plot structure tips | Now Novel

Plot structure: How to shape an intriguing plot

Plot structure or narrative structure is a key element of story. Even the most simple children’s stories have story events that relate to each other, showing intriguing cause and effect, action and reaction. Here are tips for shaping your story so there is satisfying connection between scenes and events, starting with a definition of plot […]

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Character flaws - creating lovable imperfections | Now Novel

Character flaws: Creating lovable imperfections

Character flaws serve multiple purposes. Often, they’re the faults and shortcomings that create conflict between key players in a story. Yet flaws are also useful for creating attraction between characters. Without them, characters feel wooden, ‘too perfect’. Without them, attraction might seem too instant. Here are types of flaws that make characters interesting: (more…)

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What makes a good book? | Now Novel

Writing a good book: 10 ingredients of great novels

  Writing a good book is something every fiction writer aspires to. When writers ask for help writing a book, a popular question is ‘Is my idea good enough?’ Having a great story idea to start with helps. Yet a satisfying novel is a combination of many key components. Here are 10 ingredients that will […]

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Novel Idea Expansion | Now Novel

How to expand your novel idea into a stronger story

Novel idea generators and writing prompts are some tools for finding ideas for a story. Yet once you have your central idea – the single sentence that encapsulates the key, interesting details – you need to expand this so you’re ready to draft. Here are tips for finding (more…)

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What is rising action | Now Novel

What is rising action? How to build to an epic climax

What is rising action? It’s the events in a book, story, play or movie that build towards a climax. Rising action consists of the character actions, encounters, and situational changes that propel your story to your denouement or ending. How do you build your book to a satisfying climax? Try the following suggestions: First: A […]

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What is a Synopsis? | Now Novel

What is a synopsis? Writing intriguing book summaries

What is a synopsis? The word ‘synopsis’ comes from the Greek prefix ‘sun-‘ (meaning ‘together’) and ‘-opsis‘ (‘seeing’). So a synopsis is literally a way to  ‘see together’, in one quick read, the unique and compelling aspects of a story. How do you write a synopsis that you can submit with confidence to publishers? Read […]

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Foreshadowing examples | Now Novel

Foreshadowing examples: How to tease plot developments

Foreshadowing – a ‘warning or indication of a future event’ – is a useful device in storytelling. Hinting at what will happen serves multiple purposes (such as building tension and suspense). Read foreshadowing examples showing how to tease approaching plot developments: (more…)

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