Parts of a story - Creating a cohesive whole | Now Novel

The parts of a story: Creating a cohesive whole

When you’re writing a first or even second draft, the parts of a story – exposition, development, and ending – often feel disconnected. For a cohesive plot, think in long-form development (character and story arcs) rather than in individual, isolated plot events. Read tips to make the separate parts of your story mesh together better: […]

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How to start writing a book - Developing Ideas | Now Novel

How to start writing a book: Developing rough ideas

Many aspiring authors contact us with this problem: ‘I don’t know how to start writing a book. I only have a few rough ideas.’ There are variations: ‘I have so many ideas, but I’m not sure where to start,’ for example. Yet the general theme is the same: How, in terms of actual steps, should […]

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List of international writing contests | Now Novel

12 international writing contests to enter this year

Writing contests are useful for developing your writing craft and giving yourself a deadline to finish something polished. Often, you receive valuable feedback from experienced judges. It’s best to see writing competition prizes as a possible bonus. Treat international writing contests as exercises in creating in response to diverse writing prompts and sending your work […]

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Learn how to write as a reader | Now Novel

Learn how to write as you read: Improve your craft

What is the one most common piece of advice established authors give aspiring ones? It’s not ‘show, don’t tell’ or ‘kill your darlings’. It’s ‘read more’. Reading as much as you can helps you learn how to write as you read. You fill your palette with colours and your toolkit with solutions for storytelling challenges. […]

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Submitting your novel - manuscript submission tips | Now Novel

Submitting your novel: Key elements of success

Today we have a guest post by Samar Hammam, literary agent and founder of Rocking Chair Books. Submitting your novel to an agent or publisher is a multi-stage process. It helps to know the fundamentals of what makes a strong submission. At book fairs, aspiring authors often ask, ‘How can I get ‘discovered’? What can I […]

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Lessons from being a fiction writing coach | Now Novel

Being a fiction writing coach: 5 valuable lessons

Being a fiction writing coach gives daily insights into the common and different struggles aspiring authors face. It also helps us find solutions we can apply to challenges in our own creative work. Here are 5 valuable lessons we’ve learned through working with diverse writers: (more…)

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How to find time to write | Now Novel

How to find time to write this year

Casual readers and signed up members alike on Now Novel share a common struggle: Finding time to write. Or, rather, making time to write, since that’s what it boils down to.  Between simple life hacks and prioritizing your writing, you can finish your story. Here are several tips for how to find time to write: (more…)

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