How to self-publish: 5 top tips

(Image credit) If you know that you have a winning idea – friends and family love it, random strangers you tell about it love it, even your writing group or online forum buddies love it – but publishers don’t, maybe it’s time to consider self-publishing. One of the advantages of self-publishing is that it takes […]

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Create a book cover

If you’ve decided to self-publish (and there are many reasons to do so: read more about the pros and cons of self publishing) then one of the most important tasks you’ll have to complete – after you’ve written the book, of course! – is creating a book cover. The cover of your book is the […]

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Reasons to create an eBook

If you’re thinking of turning your novel (or other writing) into an eBook, it’s worth considering what your reasons are for creating an eBook, and which you would like to focus on. Here are some key reasons to create an eBook: Increase your followers People connect with an eBook in a way they don’t with social […]

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how to end a novel - different novel ending types

How to end a novel: Strong novel ending ideas

Knowing how to end a novel is an essential skill for fiction writers. Whether you love the open ended novel or stories that wrap up tidily, a great ending is one that feels apt when readers measure it against the preceding story. Here are novel ending ideas to inspire you to find the best for your […]

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Start writing a book - no more excuses

Start writing a book and stop making excuses: 7 steps

So many aspiring authors want to start writing a book and finish, yet only a percentage of people achieve this dream. For some, it’s negative self-speak (‘I’m not good enough’ or ‘my central idea sucks’). For others, it’s a combination of struggling with focus, motivation, goal-setting or planning. It’s especially easy to give up if […]

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Central conflict definition

Central conflict definition: Make drama drive your novel

First: A central conflict definition In a story, the central conflict is defined as the main opposition, obstacle or complication that characters need to navigate in order for the story to reach a conclusion. The central conflict is similar to the central idea: It is a dramatic kernel that contains the seed for the rest of your […]

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