Choosing the central conflict of your novel: Infographic

Choosing the central conflict of your novel: Infographic

Remember our post about choosing the central conflict of your novel? Conflict between characters or between a character and an inhospitable environment drive action. This keeps readers engrossed as it introduces an air of unpredictability that leaves readers wanting more. We’ve created an infographic condensing the information on story conflicts we included in the earlier post on the subject. Click the image below for full-size viewing and pin it or share it on Twitter or your other favourite social platform:

The central conflict of your novel - infographic
Choosing a central conflict infographic – click to view full size


If you like this infographic, check out these other useful infographics on writing and publishing, and let us know if there are any others we should include in the comments below via our Facebook infographic album.

Infographics on Writing and Publishing

Novel Conclusions has a visual breakdown of common writing errors to avoid. If you frequently change tenses mid-sentence or commit other writing ‘sins’, this will provide a useful reminder.

Adventures in YA Publishing has this visual checklist for creating great characters. The tenth pointer, that characters should have real flaws and eccentricities in order to be believable, is a particularly useful piece of advice.

Novel Conclusions also has this interesting side-by-side comparison between eBooks and print, a long-standing point of debate between book lovers. The infographic is now several years old, thus it would be interesting to see what these statistics look like now.

The Write Life has this question-filled infographic on the debate between self-publishing and traditional publishing. Think you’re ready to publish? Then first consider the hard truths about the process acknowledged here. One question in particular stands out: ‘Have you built a community of people who want to buy your book?’ (more on this subject here).

Are there any infographics you’ve come across and found useful? Feel free to comment and share.

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