The first best seller ever written

Image credit Trying to determine ‘the first best seller ever written’ is like attempting to arrange a meeting with Nessie in the Bermuda Triangle. With so many factors and particulars to consider, it could turn into an assignment of great task and little worth, other than achieving the winning pie from the final question in […]

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JK Rowling

Who J.K. Rowling was before Harry Potter

Image credit She might be the creator of the young boy wizard and the architect of the magical world of obscure witchcraft, sorcery, quidditch and all that goes with it – but it is her creation, he-who-can-be-named, Harry Potter – that shot her appellation into households the world over. Joanne aka J.K. Rowling was born […]

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how to end a novel - different novel ending types

How to end a novel: Strong novel ending ideas

Knowing how to end a novel is an essential skill for fiction writers. Whether you love the open ended novel or stories that wrap up tidily, a great ending is one that feels apt when readers measure it against the preceding story. Here are novel ending ideas to inspire you to find the best for your […]

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The Indian book trade

Image credit The publishing industry in India, in fact South Asia as a whole, is yet to see better times. With a staggering 550 million people under the age of 30 and a substantial and consumerist middle class, book sales in India could very well go down better than a korma curry on a chilly […]

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How to overcome fear of failure

Image credit Perhaps one of the most common problems imprisoning people below their potential is the fear of failure. In an age of uncertainty fused with adversity and a fragile economy, most people walk the dependable road of playing it safe. They amble along without realizing that this too is laden with risk – the […]

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Finding writing inspiration in the everyday

Image credit Last night’s sunset was incredible. That poem Janet sent me really touched me. Whoa – that walk I took this morning where the tornado had ripped down the street completely freaked me out. Working with those children at the shelter made me realise just what little troopers youngsters can be. Some schmaltzy examples […]

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100 books to read before you die

Image credit Relax, this is a simple task. Fear not, should you die before you complete it I have checked with heaven’s welcoming crew and I have on good authority that they won’t be checking to see if you have accomplished this, as you step over the pearly threshold. Apparently they are more focused on […]

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What your writing space should look like

Where would you love to write? Most writers think of a quiet cabin in the woods, a lakeside retreat or some kind of silent Buddhist temple with no interruptions save the muses popping down with great ideas. Unfortunately, for most of us, this is little more than a fantasy (especially the bit about the muses!) […]

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Start writing a book - no more excuses

Start writing a book and stop making excuses: 7 steps

So many aspiring authors want to start writing a book and finish, yet only a percentage of people achieve this dream. For some, it’s negative self-speak (‘I’m not good enough’ or ‘my central idea sucks’). For others, it’s a combination of struggling with focus, motivation, goal-setting or planning. It’s especially easy to give up if […]

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Secrets of effective time management for writing

Image credit Scene, setting, character, plot, excuses, writer’s block … we’ve addressed those. You are incredibly close to doing the deed and taking a leap, of faith admittedly, into your new role as novelist. Smells sweet, doesn’t it? What we haven’t yet addressed is the fine skill and nuance of time management. Fact – managing […]

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