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Writing an affecting novel: Examples of tone and mood

Tone and mood are two powerful elements of writing that affect how readers feel. Tone tells us a lot about characters – a protagonist whose tone is mostly sarcastic, for example, might seem jaded. Mood is closely tied to place. The atmosphere of a story setting, how characters feel about it, affects the mood. Read […]

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What is cliché? Examples

What is cliché? Cliché examples (and how to avoid)

Ever wanted to groan out loud at how obvious and unoriginal a phrase, plot point or character in a book was? Common clichés in fiction weaken the dramatic effect and imaginative power of a story. Read on for a definition of cliché, examples of plot, character and descriptive clichés, and how to avoid clichés in […]

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Different writing styles - 7 tips to master them

Mastering different writing styles: 7 tips

Different writing styles are preferred in different genres. A romcom differs stylistically from a taut thriller. These 7 tips will help you improve your own writing style. First, though, what is ‘writing style’ exactly? (more…)

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