Budget MFA Creative Writing

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While we would all love to drop it all and head off into the sunset to do an MFA in Creative Writing, for many (most) of us, that’s not an option. Luckily, that doesn’t mean you can’t learn all you need to about creative writing and becoming a better novel writer, right here.

Here’s a list of our most helpful novel-writing techniques and tips:

  1. How To: Begin In Media Res
  2. Understanding the snowflake method
  3. How To: Use Chekhov’s gun
  4. Forward planning vs. creative freedom in writing
  5. Understanding the storytelling arc
  6. Finding the message in your writing
  7. How to pace your novel: the ultimate guide
  8. Writer’s tip: Avoid Sagging Middle Syndrome
  9. How To: Show (don’t Tell!)
  10. 10 common grammar mistakes even great writers make

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